1. Anonymous asked: last question i promise haha! But did you plan most of the your europe trip or did you go as you went along

    It’s fine! I never get questions - but all I had planned was my flight to Paris and train ticket to London and the accommodation for both cities! I went to Berlin on a whim with friends I made in London and just went to see things that I woke up feeling like seeing while I was over there. People make such a big deal about having to do everything but like just hang out and you’ll still have the best time  


  2. heyyouitsme asked: What kind of camera or cameras do you use?

    Primarily a Nikon D700. But some of the stuff on here has been taken on, Canon Mk III, Phase One, a variety of point and shoot film cameras that I got off ebay


  3. Anonymous asked: favo Beyonce song?

    Disappear (I heard it playing in Opening Ceremony London and it changed my whole life)


  4. Anonymous asked: how did you know you wanted to do something creative as a career? and why not something safer?

    I think this is different for everyone, but for me - I’m lucky because I have my parents support (my dad bought me my first camera and computer) and I know a lot of people don’t have that. I guess what it comes down to is knowing how you want to spend your life. Make something you’re proud of and see if it’s worth more than any material thing you own. And when you know the feeling of making something like that, then you’ll know what you need to do. That’s just my experience though. 


  5. Self Portrait 2014 II. Format: Instagram Video. Rewatching the first short film I made


  6. thinhdong:

    Georgia at the studio


  7. SWEET HEARTS CLUB - coming soon


  8. Have you checked out my full Europe visual diary yet? 


  9. Going through my archive. The first party I ever took photos at in 2010. 

    (Source: thinhdong)


  10. Anonymous asked: what do you love the most about taking photos or making films?

    Looking at the photos again in three years time