1. This sort of says “fashion” but it mostly says “our daughter Bec just graduated from floristry school”. Loves it



  3. Anonymous said: Also what are you listening to at the moment aha

    FKA twigs, Sam Smith, new La Roux, The xx and James Blake are on rotation.


  4. Anonymous said: I want to start taking great pictures but i don't have a nice camera! Any recommendations?

    Some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken were shot using the camera on my phone. I read this really interesting speech by Ryan McGinley that was quite inspiring and he talks about how it’s not about the tools you use. It’s a great speech for young photographers and people looking for their own style. You can find that here. But if you’re looking into an expensive camera, find something that gives you a wide range of manual options and something with a large aperture. 


  5. Anonymous said: favourite photographer + filmmaker at the moment and all time? x

    Photographers at the moment, Karim Sadli, HART + LESHKINA. All time, Juergen Teller, Tim Walker, Bruce Weber and Steven Meisel. 

    Filmmaker at the moment, Sofia Coppola. All time, Stanley Kubrick.

    I’ve forgotten loads.


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  7. 🎥 #Yeezy goes off 📷
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  9. The Bird, Wednesday 09/07/14


  10. Installation by Kynan Tan, @PICA


  11. fk u up


  12. James Vincent McMorrow // West Coast (Lana Del Rey cover) live on Triple J

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